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Cross Country Truck Driving School provides training with an emphasis on SAFETY!!! Training includes classroom studies, hands-on experience in field courses, and highway instruction.  After all entrance procedures have been met, the first course of study is classroom, which consists of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, log books, brake systems, hazardous materials training, defensive driving, accident reports, license regulations and bridge formula definitions, fire safety, and preparation for DMV "Class A" CDL permit tests.  

Field Instruction (second training phase) includes pre-trip inspection training, progressive shifting, coupling/uncoupling, straight line backing, 45 and 90 degree right and blind side backing, centering when stopping within 6 inches of stationary target, and sliding tandems and fifth wheel.


Highway Instruction includes 2 lane roads, 4 lane roads, interstate driving, and city driving.  Night classes are held for field and highway training.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be given a certificate of completion, as well as their transcript.  These items will be used for job placement.

Along with the certificate, the student will receive a Commercial Drivers License (Class A), to start them in a new career with a great future.

We work with 35 to 40 trucking compamies.

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Cross Country Truck Driving School - 250 Industrial Park Dr, Thomasville, NC 27360.